Another class action lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo due to Joy-Con drift – My Nintendo News

The Switch’s Joy-Con’s drift issues have become increasingly unavoidable for Nintendo to address. The company has been seeing an increasing number of lawsuits filed against them in the past year or so. And the amount of lawsuits have just ticked up once again, as another class action lawsuit has just been filed.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Seattle, comes from a minor that has been dealing with Joy-Con drift for a while now. In fact, they state that the problems started 3 months after they bought the console. The minor originally paid Nintendo $40 of their own money to repair the Joy-Cons, but they started drifting again after “several more months”.

Unfortunately, they went through 3 more pairs of Joy-Cons that also ended up having drift issues. They accuse Nintendo of being aware of the problem and not doing enough to inform their customers about it, and say Nintendo has committed unlawful and unfair conduct and even consumer fraud.

Evidence of their case is also provided, and it is very damning. Included are “the technical tear-down, as well as electron microscope images showcasing damage on the circuits”. The technical tear-down comes from an expert suggesting that “wear on the interior pads of the controller” is causing the drift. They cite consumer advocacy investigations in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and even Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa’s remarks of the “trouble caused to customers” because of the Joy-Con drift.


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