T+A announce £3000 Solitaire P-SE headphones

T+A, the German high-end audio specialist, has announced the Solitaire P-SE headphones, which are slightly more affordable than the brand’s Solitaire P from earlier in 2020.

For anyone still looking for Christmas gift for a loved one, perhaps a headphone from T+A will do? The German outfit has announced its latest headphone, and at £3000 it’s actually more affordable the brand’s own Solitaire P that arrived in the early knockings of 2020.

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The Solitaire P-SE shares some design similarities with the original Solitaire P, with T+A using it as the base for its design and retaining elements such as the chamfered ear cups. Other aspects have been replaced, such as the aluminium parts switched out for a high quality synthetic compound to reduce costs and weight.

The P-SE will feature a transducer unit (TPM 2500), with new membranes and filters to go along with it. Despite the similarities between the P-SE and the original, the new version is considered to be more than just the little brother to the Solitaire P. The Solitaire P-SE is hand made in Herford, Germany and will be available in a black matt finish.

Managing Director, Siegfried Amft, said: “The Solitaire P was an instant success. These reference headphones are now recognized for their excellence all over the world, and we want to build on that… The hugely positive response to the Solitaire P, both in the press and with consumers, has certainly accelerated the development of lower-cost planar headphones, since this approach is an even more efficient method of enhancing our market potential.”

The Solitaire P-SE have been priced at £3000/$3600 and they’ll be available to purchase from January 25th, 2021.

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